by Brad Schwab

What an exciting time to be a CADM member.  The CADM Board of Directors is excited to finally announce CADM’s new positioning, pricing structure, new committees and more that is going into effect on August 1, 2016. To learn more about this exciting changes please see the article starting on page 1.

Tempo Awards: Celebrate With Us

As I write this column, General Category judging for the 2016 Tempo Awards is concluding and the. CADM Past Presidents will be gearing up to select the best in show. Plus, judges from out of state are evaluating our multichannel response marketing professional nominations.  It has been great to see the amount of engagement and support we have gotten this year for the Tempo Awards.

I hope members will join us to celebrate our community and just have fun together. The award winners will take their bows at the Tempo Awards Gala on Thursday evening, July 14. We will return to Venue SIX10. The ceremony will take place in the 9th floor Atrium, with amazing views of Grant Park, Buckingham Fountain and Lake Michigan. Tempo Awards Committee Chair Marisa Marinelli and her team have spent countless hours planning this CADM flagship event. Click here for details.

Renew your CADM membership

CADM membership expires on July 31, 2016. Please renew your membership today! You may handle this via, where you may renew online OR download an application to complete and return.

There are two levels of membership: Premier and Basic. Click here for information on pricing and tiered benefits.

We look forward to re-igniting your passion for CADM in 2016-17.

Join a Committee

Please consider joining a committee.  This is the time to get involved and we need your help in taking the new CADM to the next level.

I look forward to having a great time with everyone at the Tempo Awards Gala!

Brad Schwab