Happy New Year! I hope that you enjoyed the Holidays, and wish you health and prosperity for 2016. I am looking forward to a successful year helping each other continue to be innovative and grow our businesses.

It looks as though 2016 is going to be the “Year of Doing” for marketers. Some are predicting a paradigm shift that will bring balance between ad tech and the art of marketing.

Judy Shapiro, CEO and founder of EngageSimply and chief brand strategist at CloudLinux, predicts 2016 will bring “the real world of market doing.” Shapiro observes that since 2014, new ventures focused on process platforms. She writes: “In practical terms, the paradigm shift might seem subtle to outsiders but will be centered on ventures that power the business of marketing doing in which, once again, marketing artistry can soar. Marketing artistry will re-emerge, dominating the business so that technology will be deployed only within the context of the user experience the artist had in mind -- not the technologists.”1

The “Year of Doing” is relevant not only for marketers but for CADM.  We have focused on our process platforms and structure and now we are ready to help you the member through the paradigm shift experts are talking about with the following 2016 programs and tools.

  • Pillars of Excellence Series. CADM will be having panel discussion events for Social, Mobile, Direct Response & Digital between now and July 31, 2016. Please see details within this adMarks for more details.
  • Webinar Series. CADM will also launch its Webinar Series in 2016. Our first webinar, tentatively scheduled for late February, features a presentation by Liquid Iron on “Actionable Branding.”
  • adMarks OnlineIn addition to adMarks, our association will publish our new e-newsletter up to twice monthly to update you on industry news and CADM offerings.
  • cadm.org. The Board plans content, communications and Career Center enhancements to educate and connect CADM members.
  • 2016 Tempo Awards. This year’s competition will be expanded to recognize individuals as well as best works. You may nominate exceptional response marketers to receive recognition for their contributions to our community. Entries will be due in March, and the Awards Ceremony will take place in July. See ad on p. 9.

Lastly, if you know of any of your colleagues or friends who might be interested in CADM this is a great time of year to reach out to them.  On January 1, CADM our midyear dues take affect, which discounts the annual membership 50%. This provides motivation for response marketers to try out our organization for six month and as membership increases, our costs decrease and benefit you, the CADM member.

I look forward to seeing you at our January 27 Social Care program.

1 Shapiro, Judy. "Here's the Only Marketing Trend You Need to Know for 2016." Advertising Age, 2 Dec. 2015. Web. 3 Dec. 2015. [see http://adage.com/article/digitalnext/marketing-trend-2016/301530/].

Brad Schwab

Brad Schwab