Dear CADM Members:

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your President this coming year.  I am honored but most importantly I am proud to represent CADM.  I am a long-time member and know I have some big shoes to fill but I am up for the challenge.  For 60 years, we have carried the torch for one-to-one marketing in Chicago, and have aided in advancing the opportunities, business interests and education of our members. In today’s dynamic evolution of channels and technologies it is more important than ever that we re-ignite the passion for the core mission of CADM: To serve, support and promote the one-to-one marketing community in Chicago.

As a member, I have asked the questions “Who is CADM?” and “What does it stand for?”  In an effort to re-ignite the passion the board has answered the questions.

Who is CADM?

CADM serves its members, the one-to-one marketers in greater Chicago. CADM provides a high-quality forum for the exchange of ideas; fosters member development through business, educational, and social opportunities; and acts as an industry advocate.

Why we exist?

We believe in one-to-one marketing and Chicago is its leader.

How do we do it?

Through well designed, easily accessible, relevant and effective programming & content.

What we do?

We connect, educate, recognize and represent today and tomorrow’s marketing leaders.

The board and I are looking for volunteers to help us re-ignite the passion. Please consider volunteering for a committee. We are forming the following committees: Membership; Sponsorship; Educational Programming; Member Recognition; Marketing; Direct From The Heart; and Events. Sign up at

Last But Not Least… thank you to Susan Kryl for presiding over CADM for the past two years. Susan previously served as President in 1980-81, and did not seek out another term. However, her passion for the organization led her to spearhead efforts to re-define CADM for future success.

I look forward to working with you!

Brad Schwab