by Suzy Jackson

Dear Fellow Chicago Response Marketers,

What’s new and exciting in the new year?  We’re kicking off the 2018 CADM Tempo Awards season and it is inspired by all of you.

When I have attended Tempo Awards events in the past, it has always felt a bit like coming home – with so many familiar faces, so many people I’ve respected over the years and so many fond memories.

But the Tempo Awards are not about the past – they are about the future of multi-channel response marketing in Chicago. It’s a celebration of the latest, greatest work in town, in all the new ways we reach consumers and get real business results. Now more than ever, work that is driven by data, inspired by insights and accountable to revenue goals is in big demand. This community is the engine for that. Ignition is our Mission.

This year, the Tempo Awards will again be a big ta-da for the brightest creative and the best results. But it will also be that feeling of home, a sense of community and the coming together of our Chicago marketing community. I hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am.

Tempo logoWe invite you all to “GO BIG. WIN LOCAL.”

Some exciting things to look for:

  1. NEW categories, in particular for sectors such as not-for-profit, healthcare, financial, automotive and more.
  2. A colorful new venue reflective of our creative spirit!
  3. Did you know if you earn a First Place prize at the CADM Tempo Awards you skip ahead one round for the DMA Echo Awards? It’s true!

For all of the late night strategy sessions, out-of-town presentations, rounds of revisions and sweating the details … this is your night to shine.

Please mark your calendar for June 21, 2018, and start thinking about your best campaigns to enter from 2017. Look for an email with a link to the entry and ticket site coming soon.

Make your clients, your agency and most of all yourself proud when you bring home some shiny new hardware for your trophy shelves. See you at the Tempo Awards!

Suzy Jackson

Suzy Jackson


Suzy Jackson serves as 2017-2018 CADM Board Member and the 2018 Tempo Awards Chair. She is VP, Executive Creative Director at Epsilon.