CADM History

We are passionate about the power of one-to-one marketing, and will continue to challenge the status quo and elevate our discipline as technology and consumer behavior evolves.

1955 - The Mail Advertising Club of Chicago is founded.

1969 - The Mail Advertising Club of Chicago is incorporated in the state of Illinois.

1972 - Governor Richard Ogilvie officially proclaims May 25 to be Direct Mail Day in Illinois, in conjunction with the Mail Advertising Club of Chicago's Direct Mail Day, and the 100th anniversary of the mail order industry in Chicago.

1973 - Members approve changing the name to the Chicago Association of Direct Marketing, Inc. [CADM].

2005 - In the midst of huge shifts in technology and marketing, CADM celebrates its 50th anniversary.

2013 - Introduction of CADM Pillars of Excellence - Digital, Mobile, Response Marketing, Social and Analytics.

2015 - 60th anniversary of CADM.